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Whiteboards & Dry Wipe Boards have become commonplace in workplaces and schools around the country in recent years and you’ll struggle to find anywhere without at least one! Why? Whiteboards offer an easy solution for everything from brainstorming to teaching and with such a great range available, it’s no surprise.

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Why Whiteboards?

Offering a surface from which pen can quickly be erased; Whiteboards & Dry Wipe Boards are a simple and straightforward solution and here at Noticeboards Online Ltd, we offer a great range of products including magnetic and non-magnetic whiteboards and a selection of mobile ones as well.

How Do I Choose A Whiteboard?

When it comes to buying Whiteboards & Dry Wipe Boards for use either in the office in a school or other educational environment. It’s important to understand the need to purchase a quality product. Whilst there’s the temptation to go for a budget solution, this rarely offers the best product. You’ll also find that your whitteboard suffers from marks from pen which has been left on for too long.

How Long Does Delivery Take For A Whiteboard?

We offer free delivery on all orders and immediate credit approval for schools, universities, NHS, local councils and other industries. Order before 2pm and you’ll receive your order the next day. If you’re struggling to find the right whiteboard for you or your business, why not give our team a call today. We’re on 01539 628309, or email and let us call you back.[/read]

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